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Precision Truck Tire Service began in 2002. In a short amount of time we became one of the most recognized companies in Southern California to have accomplished, with efforts, any services possible.


All of our clients, no matter how big or how small are very important to us. Your safety will always be our goal, we will try to improve our work with the most precision, being that recommendations are what make us grow. Thanks to the support of many businesses that we still have, we have continued to grow in the branch of truck tire business, we are a strong competition for the big businesses

in Southern California.


We take into account that in order to grow even more in this business we need to compete against some of the toughest competitors. This is why we prepare ourselves on a daily basis to surpass all of the other companies services no matter how big or small they are. With our experience we know what the client needs and we go directly to precise point. Honesty, a good service and our precise work make the difference between us and the other companies.


Raul, thanks to his uncle got involved in this wonderful business. During the initiation of his business, he always dreamed in having his own company and to supervise a group of capable people. Those are some of the reasons why he worked on learning everything about the tire business. He has always been involved to its fullest from the smallest to the biggest on passengers, commercial, farm, construction O.T.R, industrial etc.


On December of 2002 he initiated his first service, starting with the first service truck, passing out business cards, flyers and talking to people involved in the same business. His first year was very hard being that unexpected problems came up, but like everything else, time passes by and with that, the problems have resolved giving Raul the strength needed to make his project of life everyday more strong.

2004 was one of our best years, being that we signed on many big businesses and acquired new and better equipment that has helped us maintain stable and consistent in the business. It’s well understood that the necessities of the client evolve and they’re the ones that make our business to have modern/up-to-date equipment and knowledge.


The first city that we provided service to was Anaheim, Orange County and then we have rapidly expanded to reach a larger number of clients, covering counties such as Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, Inland Empire and San Bernardino. We’ll try little by little to expand more to reach those that need our services.

In 2018, Deisy join PTTS as a CEO adding tremendous knowledge to the company, the rest is history.

We always keep contact with related companies just in case one of our customers is outside of out are of service, we rapidly try to help them being that their time is of value to us.


Precision, a word that expresses exactness.


We acknowledge main necessities of our clients, what are they? Communication, speed, exactness and punctuality.


For us your units are valued like if they were ours. We take care and treat them with the best way possible. We always guarantee our work, we work under the most strict norms and we listen to our clients opinions with a lot of attention.


We will always verify our work not only once, nor twice, but as many times that are necessary to guarantee our precise work.

We will always try to express the best of our name, Precision. Your safety and tranquility is primary for us. We make it our goal on a daily basis.


Our work equipment has been prepared with all of the safety norms.

We count with licenses, permits, registrations, and commercial insurances that cover 100% any unexpected situation.

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